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“Children are the future of the world, let’s start with the children.”


Mavhiri Cares Foundation is a charitable organisation founded in 2017 by Marvin Bheka. Mavhiri is a nickname the founder picked up during his time as a sprinter in high school, it’s a Zimbabwean Shona word that means Wheels which was a way to describe his lighting speed.


The organisation aims to help kids and young adults in deprived communities around the world. Sport play a significant role in engaging these target groups, recognising the power sport brings in changing lives, teaching life skills and changing less-privileged communities.


Mavhiri Cares work philosophy is that of ‘doorstep’ which refers mainly to bringing sport to the people, right in front of

their door step. That is sport for the less-privileged community at the right location, right cost, and right type


To help kids and young adults in deprived communities, using sport and physical activity to engage these targets groups. Change lives, change communities, and change the world.


Along with the Founder Mr Marvin Bheka, we want to break down barriers around the world bringing young population together. Through our work, we want to help kids and young adults recognise their potential, talents and capabilities.

It is our vision to get every kid and young adult hooked on sport in one form or another, be it participation, volunteering and careers in the sport industry.


Marvin Bheka (Founder)

Born in Zimbabwe, His massive love of sport began as child. An all-rounder in sports as he played cricket, volleyball, rugby, tennis, and athletics. At the age of 15, Marvin made his first international vest for the Zimbabwean athletics U16 team for the 100m and the 4×100 relay. He since then did a numerous international duty competitions around Africa, his highlight at the time being part of the U20 4×100 relay team that came second to South Africa in a very tight photo-finish at the 2006 Zone VI Southern Africa U20 Games that took place in Windhoek, Namibia.


In 2010, Marvin was involved in car accident that damaged his knee that jeopardised a scholarship to the US and he stopped running or doing any form of sport for close to 4 years. After relocation to the UK in 2012, a successful compart pressure release surgery in 2013 saw him make his way back to the track and field scene. He has competed on the European athletics circuit mainly Belgium, Germany, Denmark, and UK. He has also competed on the British University (2014-2017) circuit for Cardiff Metropolitan University where he completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Sport Development. This was part of his journey to create an organisation that encourage kids and young adult to participate in sport. This saw the founding of Mavhiri Cares in 2017.